The story of Staunch Traditional Outfitters:
Provisions Collection for Fishful Thinking minds &  Outdoor Enthusiast.
The Staunch Traditional Outfitters collection was created and launched in September 2015 in the hometown of founder and New Braunfels native Eric Quintanilla, who is constantly designing and infusing his passion for headwear & apparel with his love for the outdoor experience.
Staunch Traditional Outfitters has been crafted with a twist of the traditional outdoor experience & today’s modern life. We stand by our products as a truly excellent product designed and created directly from the field with an unfaltering commitment to quality and style providing a creative line of Provisions to incorporate into your journey.
The Tradition:
At Staunch Traditional Outfitters we are STAUNCH believers in the great outdoor  tradition. We encourage any and all opportunities to get out and create new adventures, journeys, & memories.
Staunch Traditional Outfitters Collection is our expression of the TRADITION. 
- If you fish freshwater or saltwater, a tournament contender or a weekend warrior.
- If it's your first time to reel one in or teaching the sport to the next generation.
- If you're sitting around a campfire with good people creating good vibes.
- If you're on a hunting trip with buddies, friends or family.
- If you're soaking up the summer vibes in the middle of your favorite lake.
- If you're simply taking a trip to escape the noise of everyday life.
If the great outdoors is your retreat........
well amigos......
Keep the Tradition Alive!